On the Way to a World of Regeneration

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We are at the beginning of significant changes, and correlated phenomena will demonstrate that the times, announced by the Scriptures and confirmed by the immortal Spirits, have arrived. Tragedies of all kinds are shaking the physical world, currently plagued by the Covid-19 pandemic, showing the fragility of the human being on the pedestal of its illusions. The devastating and fatal virus demonstrates the need, more than ever, for love and solidarity to survive the chaos.
More cruel than a war, the pandemic will reap hundreds of thousands of lives, some by the natural processes of moral transformation of the Earth towards a world of regeneration. In contrast, others will be exiled to another orb after a period of convalescence in communities in the spirit world. In this book, narrated by the Spirit Manoel Philomeno de Miranda, the reader will follow the journey and tasks undertaken by dozens of groups of Spirit benefactors, under the command of Spirit Guide Ismael, as they prepare the New Age on Earth, following its transition from a world of trials and expiations to a new world of regeneration.