About Leal Publisher

LEAL Brazil publishes and distributes Spiritist books psychographed by Divaldo Franco. After the release of the first book Messe de Amor (Harvest of Love), by Spirit author Joanna de Ângelis, psychographed by the medium and Spiritist speaker Divaldo Franco in May 1964, the Spiritist Center Caminho da Redenção (Path of Redemption) made it its mission to continue to publish Spiritist books authored by Spirits utilizing Divaldo’s mediumship.

Leal Publisher, a branch of LEAL Brazil, based in the United States, is responsible for the English translations, publishing, marketing and distribution of its books, along with the magazine Presença Espírita (Spiritist Presence), audio, video, CD, and DVD materials.

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How it All Began by Divaldo Franco:

“In February 1949, the Spirit Joanna de Ângelis informed me that our task would be to transmit the Spiritist message to the hearts linked to her throughout her many lifetimes. However, because the spoken word, conveyed at Spiritist meetings, did not reach a great number of people at that time, she requested that we gather the written messages received during a 15-year period. From that lot she selected a few to be included in the book Messe de Amor (Harvest of Love), presented to the public on May 5, 1964, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her messages, devoid of complexities, are meant to bring solace and hope to those who suffer, while revealing the magnificence of the Spiritist teachings.

Over time she has invited other Spirits to collaborate in the writing of Spiritist books through my mediumship. As such, I continue to psychograph during specific hours and under a very strict discipline outlined by her. To date, we have published over 250 books, with more than 10 million copies translated into 17 languages.

The books’ copyrights were transferred, for the most part, to the Mansão do Caminho [Mansion of the Way], the philanthropic arm of Spiritist Center Caminho da Redenção, while others were transferred to the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, O Clarim Publisher, and Comunhão Espírita Cristã (Christian Spiritist Society), all located in Brazil. We have also donated books to different organizations due to their remarkable edifying and consoling messages.

Joanna de Ângelis states that a book is a silent friend, always waiting in the wings for those in need of enlightenment. And since the Spiritist teachings came to light in Paris, France, on April 18, 1857, with the launching of The Spirits’ Book, we have a great and deep respect for uplifting books. While my mother was illiterate and my father learned to sign his name to be able to vote, the Spiritist message is able to reach the hearts of the humble as well as the educated.