Guidelines for a Happy Life (Pre-Order)

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A highly inspired work by Spirit author Marco Prisco brought to us through Divaldo Franco’s blessed mediumship, Guidelines for a Happy Life point us in the right direction for the attainment of balance, health, peace, and happiness...

They dispel doubts, mistakes and misunderstandings, encouraging us towards an upright conduct and the practice of the good, which in turn will lead us to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We will learn with this cherished author that life is only beautiful and positive if we follow guidelines that lead to good deeds and actions, encompassing all brothers and sisters with whom we experience the transitory earthly journey.

Marco Prisco is a fictitious name created by the Spirit author himself. Very little is known about him except that he lived at the time of Jesus, in Rome, and that he met the Galilean Master in Palestine.

Divaldo Franco describes the Spirit as a young Roman of great physical beauty, in his early twenties, sporting a toga, sandals, and a classical Caesar haircut

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