From the Abyss to the Star

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World War I undoubtedly shook the planet, flooding it with pain, misery, disease, and starvation. Claiming millions of souls, it also deeply affected the lives of those that survived the dreadful event.

Dictated by the renowned Spirit author Victor Hugo and psychographed by the medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, the author covers this period of chaos and suffering in France, the consequences of this war on society, and how entire families were left on the brink of complete ruin.

We invite you to follow the lives of the inhabitants of the castle of Nisembaum, especially the trajectory of Suzette-Sara, a young French woman of Jewish descent. After losing almost everything in life, she became a wealthy physician who used her skill and knowledge in the practice of illicit acts. Deeply unhappy, upon discovering the Spiritist teachings and their perspectives on the meaning of life, she starts to understand the importance of love, charity, and self-abnegation. Returning to the path of light, after much pain and suffering she finally lifts herself from the abyss to the stars.

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