Finding Peace and Health

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With admirable lucidity and unparalleled arguments, the venerable Joanna de Ângelis unequivocally demonstrates again her profound knowledge of transpersonal psychology, minutely examining the multiple nuances about the human soul, as well as dissecting the sentiments and profound transformations that all beings experience from the beginning of their existence on the earth to their present-day reality.
In Finding Peace and Health, Joanna wisely discusses important topics such as existential, social, and general crises; the lack of self-love; male chauvinism; feminism; amicable and litigious separations; happiness; sexuality; consciousness and several others.
She offers her wise guidance and advice to all who may be experiencing conflict and sorrow in their lives. In this book, the venerable author invites us to reflect on an issue of paramount importance:
Human beings must harmonize the ego with the Self, understand the meaning of life, and work on their self-realization, in order to conquer true emotional health, which is in itself the product of physical and mental balance."
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