Facets and Patterns of Spirit Obsessions

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Examining various cases of Spirit obsessions, this book summarizes several examples of this pressing issue. It especially seeks to demonstrate that, alongside the emotional imbalance caused by persecutors from beyond the grave, the manifestation of tuberculosis is facilitated by malfunction of macrophages resulting from the patients’ continuous reckless and rebellious mental action. Combined with the relentless disruptive mental darts hurled their way by discarnate persecutors, it favors the installation and virulence of the Koch's bacillus and its understandable consequences.

Furthermore, it examines several occurrences triggered by Spirit obsessions and the application of spiritual techniques and therapies, not always accepted or assimilated by patients from both sides of life.

We hope that these pages will resonate with individuals suffering from Spirit obsessions, helping them to free themselves from this cruel affliction. We also hope that they offer useful support to those who study this condition, with timely descriptions of the assistance provided by selfless Spirit Mentors, venerable Entities
that work diligently for the progress of human beings and the planet that serves as their home and opportunity for growth.”