A Full Live

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Life on earth has evolved over millions of years. Having conquered the stage of reason, human beings direct their thinking energy toward what they like. Consequently, they either advance or stall in their integration with the universe.
In these complex cultural times, the mechanisms to attain plenitude are hard and afflictive because humans choose insanity, violence, vice, and masked or unmasked suffering.
Crestfallen, they forget about the Greater Life and get lost in a thicket that holds them for a long time. They momentarily forget about life's exuberant and eternal nature and that the universe is replete with magnificent expressions of beauty and grandeur. This book offers 30 messages based on different subjects presented in the light of The Gospel According to Spiritism to help the reader live a meaningful life and enjoy happiness in the future.
Live in harmony with the universe, and you will succeed in enjoying a full life.