Living with Jesus

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“. . . Jesus, the Incomparable Master from Galilee, came to us and presented the key to harmony, to self-realization, in a simple concept and language devoid of complexity, with an uncommon logic demonstrating that Love, pure and simple, is the only and effective solution for all problems and conflicts.
As long as force and unrestrained power flourish, unhappiness and despair will always be the response of life to these vassals of human inferiority.”In another of her memorable communications, through the privileged mediumship of Divaldo Franco, the illumined Spirit Amélia Rodrigues presents us with a collection of chronicles regarding the life of Jesus and His ministry.
These are messages of faith, hope, charity, unconditional love for others, total dedication to the practice of the good, conveyed in simple words by the Spirit Amélia Rodrigues, acclaimed as the chronicler of the Gospels, narrated and commented by her with unusual literary sensibility.