Divaldo Franco

Spiritist Medium, Educator, Philanthropist and Peace Ambassador

Divaldo Franco, known as one of today’s greatest mediums and Spiritist speakers, was born on May 5, 1927, in Feira de Santana, in the state of Bahia, Brazil.

On September 7, 1947, Divaldo and his dear friend, Nilson de Souza Pereira, founded the Centro Espírita Caminho da Redenção (Path of Redemption Spiritist Center). Subsequently, on August 15, 1952, they created the Mansão do Caminho (Mansion of the Way, not a large stately house but of a group of humble dwellings), which serves the impoverished community of the Pau da Lima district in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, along with a wider needy populace.

For sixty-three years, Divaldo has selflessly and joyfully dedicated himself to the spreading the Spiritist message, exemplified by his own conduct and way of living.

Since 1947, he has given conferences throughout Brazil and 60 other countries ,in all five continents. All in all, a total of 12 thousand talks to date. A veritable sower of peace, he conveys the same passion and eloquence, whether in big cities, small towns, or small gatherings.

Peace & You Movement

As a result of his Peace & You Movement, Divaldo has visited the poorest districts of the city of Salvador in Brazil for ten years now, delivering his inspiring message of peace. The Peace & You Movement has also successfully reached other countries –Portugal, France, Spain, the United States, and Paraguay– carrying hits urgent call for peace.

A new era is dawning through the remarkable achievements of fraternity, love and peace. Divaldo Franco’s blessed work contributes to the spreading of this extraordinary movement by delivering the sublime message of Spiritism to the world.

About Joanna de Angelis (Spirit Author)

Joanna de Ă‚ngelis, the Spirit author who has dedicated herself to an edifying educational endeavor through her books, has served Jesus in her various reincarnations.
The last one took place in Salvador, Brazil, (1761–1822) where she was known as Sister Joana Angelica de Jesus, martyred in the skirmishes for Brazil’s independence.
In her previous reincarnation, she lived in Mexico (1651–1695) as Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz, considered the greatest poet of the Spanish language.

She also lived in the 13th century, during the time of St. Francis of Assisi, and in the 1st century as Joana, wife of Cusa, a high-ranking official under king Herod. A that time she became a follower of Jesus, and was later burned alive next to her son and other Christians in the Roman Colosseum.

So far she has authored more than 60 books through Divaldo Franco’s mediumship, of which 31 were translated into eight languages, and five transcribed into Braille. She has also written thousands of beautiful smaller messages.

Sensitive topics are treated with beauty and delicacy, relating to the understanding of the apparent enigmas of reincarnation, as well as proposing solutions for difficulties in relationships, behaviors and life itself.

The Books

Over 250

Books published

10 Million

Books sold globally


Spirit Authors

70+ Books

Translated into 17 languages

• 219 spirit authors in various literary genres such as poetry, short stories, novels, essays, narratives, chronicles and children’s books, with topics ranging from philosophy to psychology, psychiatry, behavior, religion, etc.

• 70+ books translated into 17 languages: Albanian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Esperanto, French, Dutch, Italian, English, Swedish, Czech, Turkish, Catalan, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian, and 20 books transcribed into braille.

• Messages written through Xenoglossia (Xenos = foreign, glossa = language), that is, in a language unknown to the medium, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, English, Afrikaans, and also in mirrored writing.

• The book Hacia las Estrelas (On the Way to the Stars), the first book written in a language other than the medium’s, was penned completely in Spanish by means of automatic writing (psychography).