Wake Up and Be Happy

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“Seduced by an unrestrained yearning for power to lead a life of luxury, leisure, and pleasure, modern-day men and women remain asleep with regard to critical spiritual responsibilities.
Considering them only of secondary importance in the vain supposition that they can rectify their internal situation at any time, they turn their thoughts and emotions outwardly at great expense to their inner peace. ...
In this small book, we have compiled thirty challenging topics that frequently prove overwhelming to humankind. Without the presumption of solving them, we present optimistic viewpoints and make way for a positive, spiritual understanding of human behavior. We have not added any novel concepts; instead, we offer them in an appropriate parlance for these times of perturbation and suffering.
Hoping our dear readers will meditate on our words and attain plenitude, we invite them to wake up and be happy.”
Joanna de Ângelis