Empty Lives

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There can be no doubt that humankind is experiencing an era of progress. Technological breakthroughs are allowing for the exploration of far-off places that used to be completely inaccessible. There have also been advances in the study of the human mind, of thought, and other areas of psychology, which can explain some of the behaviors demonstrated in today’s society.
Nevertheless, human beings often misuse the tools and opportunities provided by such advances. They indulge in frivolous thinking, and experience disturbances and strong sensations, all which result in their leading empty lives.
In spite of all the widespread mental confusion and behavioral aberrations afflicting the earth – a planet of trials and expiations – human life has two sublime purposes: love and the search for the meaning of existence, which are both powerful reasons to live for. The present work was conceived with such facts in mind. It contains 30 studious, well thought-out messages that suggest effective means for addressing the serious problems of today so that humans may overcome their moral and spiritual backwardness and thus attain plenitude.