A Light in the Darkness

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In this book/invitation, we are being called to find ourselves and achieve self-illumination through psychotherapeutic propositions anchored in the Gospel of Jesus, as well as the timeless lessons of the Spiritist Doctrine.
As already stated in the preface by Joanna de Ângelis, “our simple book is a shout. It is an appeal for the light to pierce the darkness within the soul and the environment.” The benefactress also points out that “bright stars shine in the dense darkness. They are the missionaries of love on Earth, dedicated to spreading peace and love as ambassadors of the light that is to come.”
Centered around the Love of Jesus and His exhortations for our happiness, the spiritual author wrote thirty wonderful chapters potentiating the brightness of those stars of goodness amid the darkness still lingering in our lives. “And now, tired of the long night through which we stumble, there He is, asking us to follow Him again.” Joanna de Ângelis