“Sometimes, a very simple page that people look at and this it has no value, is very precious for those without anything. It’s like a piece of bread; for those who have a full table, it’s just an appetizer, but for those who have nothing at all, it’s like the crumbs of compassion transformed into a banquet.”

– Divaldo Franco

Divaldo Pereira Franco

divaldo-2Divaldo Pereira Franco was born on May 5, 1927 in Feira de Santana, in the interior of the State of Bahia, Brazil, where he is considered one of its most illustrious son. He is also known as one of today’s greatest  mediums and Spiritist speakers. On September 7, 1947, Divaldo and his faithful friend, Nilson de Souza Pereira, founded the Centro Espírita Caminho da Redenção (Path of Redemption Spiritist Center), and on August 15, 1952, they founded the Mansão do Caminho  ([simple_tooltip content=”In this context, the word Mansion does not have the connotation of a large stately house, but of a group of dwellings. – Tr”], which serves the whole community of the district of Pau da Lima in Salvador, helping thousands of sick and needy individuals. For sixty-three years, this medium and Spiritist speaker has been selflessly and joyfully dedicating himself to the ideal of spreading Spiritism, bringing hearts together and guiding them back to God. His persistence in his mediumistic work and his dedication to those in need of material and spiritual sustenance has shed a new light of faith and hope in the world. He has psychographed over 200 works with over 7 million copies sold and 104 titles translated into 16 languages. A true legacy of light. Since 1947, he has given conferences throughout Brazil and 60 other countries in all five continents. All in all, a total of 12 thousand talks, to date. A veritable peace pilgrim, he brings  the same passion and eloquence to big cities and small towns.

Peace & You Movement

Divaldo Franco greeting the elderly residents at the Mansion of the Way.
Divaldo Franco greeting the elderly residents at the Mansion of the Way.
As a result of his Peace & You Movement, Divaldo has visited the poorest districts of Salvador for ten years now, bringing his precious message of peace. The Movement has also successfully reached other countries, such as Portugal, France, Spain, the U.S., and Paraguay, with his urgent proposal of peace to all nations.   A new era is dawning brightly through admirable achievements of fraternity, love and peace, among which Divaldo Franco’s blessed work stands out brilliantly, spreading with extraordinary love the sublime message of Spiritism to nearly every nation in the world, thus confirming Brazil’s mission as the Heart of the World, and the Gospel’s Homeland.

About Joanna de Angelis (Spirit Author)

Joanna de Angelis, who has undertaken an educational, evangelical endeavor of the utmost quality, has been a collaborator of Jesus in her various reincarnations. The last one was in Salvador (1761 – 1822) as Sister Joana Angelica de Jesus, who was martyred for Brazil’s independence. In her next-to-last incarnation, she lived in Mexico (1651 – 1695) as Sister Juana Ines de la Cruz; she was the greatest poet in the Spanish language. She lived during the time of St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century, and in the 1st century as Joana, wife of Cusa, a high-ranking official under Herod. She became a follower of Jesus, and later in her life she was burned alive beside her son and other Christians in the Colosseum in Rome. So far she has authored more than 60 works through the psychography of Divaldo Franco, 31 of which have been translated into eight languages, and five transcribed into Braille. Besides these works, she has written thousands of beautiful messages. Sensitive topics are treated with beauty and appropriateness for the understanding of the apparent enigmas of reincarnation, proposing solutions for difficulties involving relationships, behavior and life itself.

The Books

OVER 250








  • More than 240 published works and 7.5 million copies consisting of 42,904 pages, 37,903 of which were written by the medium himself, the others having been written by other authors in books containing interviews and biographies.
  • 219 spirit authors in various literary genres such as poetry,short stories, novels, essays, narratives, chronicles and children’s books, with themes entailing philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, behavior, religion, etc.
  • 70 books translated into 16 languages: Albanian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Esperanto, French, Dutch, Italian, English, Swedish, Czech, Turkish, Catalan, Hungarian, Polish and Russian, and 20 books transcribed into braille.
  • Messages written through Xenoglossia (Xenos = foreign, glossa = language), that is, in a language unknown to the medium, such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, English in reverse – mirrored – and Afrikaans;
The book Hacia las Estrelas (Towards the Stars), the first book written in a language other than the medium’s, was done fully by means of automatic writing in Spanish.