About Leal Publisher

Crushed by conflicts that do not diminish in intensity, we often look for escape mechanisms in a vain attempt to circumvent our troubles through outward success, acclaim and admiration by society.

Nevertheless, our sentiments remain fettered to and marked by anguish and dissatisfaction.

With so many “self-help” titles available today, we find humanity is searching more and more for that which gives them meaning. Bookshelves are filled with self-help books, inspirational messages and even affirmations.

It goes without saying that more and more individuals are seeking for spiritual enlightenment, for messages that speak to their essence and allows for a broader understanding regarding life… and yes, even life after life.

Leal Publisher is a Spiritist publisher established in Miami. Our Spiritist books offer readers of all ages, different religious and cultural backgrounds countless pages on topics such as immortality, reincarnation, mediumship, healing, transpersonal psychology and more.

Our unassuming spiritual books, channeled by world renowned medium Divaldo Pereira Franco, as told by many different spirit authors such as Joanna de Angelis, Marcos Prisco, Amelia Rodrigues, Victor Hugo and others, is presented for our dear readers’ analysis, and is meant to help them acquire consciousness, understanding and even consolation regarding life’s trials, obstacles and doubts.

It offers nothing that is technically new or miraculous. It addresses a number of human problems in the light of the fourth-force in psychology, with a bridge to the Spiritist teachings, which entails a profound, complete vision of the individual.

Leal Publisher’s spiritual books are resplendent with liberating concepts.

Drawing on Jungian and transpersonal psychology, this Spirit messengers of immortality, addresses the human condition in light of Spiritist psychology, aiming to mitigate the problems and difficulties of physical existence, preparing the spirit for its future destiny – the Spirit Life.

Sensitive topics are treated with grace and a straightforward approach to understanding the apparent enigmas regarding reincarnation, proposing solutions for difficulties surrounding relationships, family life, vices (physical or moral), behavior and life itself.

Living is a sublime challenge and living wisely is a blessing that is available to all who resolve decidedly to advance, overcome personal limitations and attain communion with something greater than themselves; God.

Thanks to the invaluable endeavors of the different psychological approaches in general and that of Spiritist psychology in particular, excellent contributions have been put forth and are available to all those who are sincerely interested in constructing a sound conscience, a lucid and responsible individual, and a thriving society.

In these modest books, we shall study a few of the different challenges that modern men and women face in their daily lives; fear of death, understanding illnesses, treating depression, overcoming past mistakes and troubles, matters of the heart and soul, optimizing their reincarnation, etc.

The wise and profound concepts reaching the reader will never be forgotten; these pages will allow the reader to awaken to its own reality by means of intellectual and moral experiences that will enable it to achieve plenitude.

We are not presenting some magic formula – there is no such thing that can resolve the natural difficulties and problems that are part of the process of evolution.

All proposals and solutions to the existential challenges of life depend on the effort, perseverance and confident action of each person.

Whatever cannot be achieved at one moment through wholesome persistence will be achieved at a later time.

We acknowledge the fact that there are excellent Works that address some, if not nearly all, of the topics contained in our books, and with better contributions.

Our humble collaboration, however, is founded on the powerful postulates of the Spiritist body of knowledge, which, with the publication of The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec on April 18, 1857, has been illuminating lives and liberating consciences for over 160 years.

We trust that, albeit inexpressive, our offering may help readers faced with challenges discover solutions and become harmonized on their journey to happiness.

The Spirit Authors of our titles invite you to embark on a deep psychological analysis concerning the aspects of happiness, suffering and proposes the Spiritist solution, which encourages self-discovery, consciousness, ethical living and rational behavior – essential requisites for the attainment of plenitude through the immortality of the soul.

It is no longer a surprise that the different types of physical and mental suffering push the masses toward addictions, evasions of reality and despair. How then, can one liberate themselves from the shackles of pessimistic and materialistic points of view?

Considering the human predicament individuals are faced with – their lack of self-knowledge – and considering the pressing factors that trigger suffering, dragging multitudes into folly, despair, insanity and shameful escape by means of suicide and vice, we decided to delve into studies about suffering, and we offer them to the esteemed reader interested in solving this terrible scourge responsible for countless ills for some and blessings for others, enabling the latter to ascend and to succeed…

We are now at an age where pessimistic views of life are no longer welcome. Nor accepted. We want more!

We trust that our effort of bringing forth these titles will contribute to the enlightenment of our readers, inducing them to acquire plenitude, in peace and health, entirely free of suffering, constructing love as a living fount of inner and common realization.

Love opens the doors to hope and reveals the sacred purposes of life, enabling a factor responsible for many illnesses; inability to forgive.

Forgiveness is what soothes the pain caused by the ulcerations of hatred.

As long as resentment, ill-will, distrust and spite persist, illnesses will exist.

“If physicians fail in treating most ailments, it is because they treat the body without treating the soul, and since the whole is not in a good state, it is impossible for any one part of it to be well.” Allan Kardec

This is the reason many people search for alternative medicine; through meditation, rhythmic exercises and various other techniques, human beings realize they are able to awaken their own potentialities for healing, and their own energy can be channeled appropriately, attending to the chakras, expanding spiritual awareness and fostering physical health, vitality and the harmony of the nervous system.

Alternative therapies are multiplying: psycho-biophysics, past life therapy, psychic and mediumistic surgeries, hypnosis, phytotherapy, among others, are working for the health and rebalancing of the individual, and the decline and even disappearance of suffering on the earth.

While acknowledging their invaluable contribution, we cannot forget that it is in the moral transformation of the individual for the better by means of charity – as prescribed by Spiritism and supported on the concept of Christ, who told those whom he healed to stop sinning or something worse would happen to them, – that real healing occurs and suffering is mitigated, giving way to peace and psycho-physical balance.

As individuals pursue self-discovery and embark on the inner journey aided by self-love, they find that health is an interior acquisition reflected in the body as a result of inner harmony.

Fortunately, medical science has broadened its conceptual catalog regarding health and disease and has begun to include other disciplines that contribute effectively to people’s well-being.

The modern findings of psychosomatic medicine have demonstrated that mental and emotional pathologies easily transfer to the body, setting the scene for various diseases.

When the energy balance that sustains the cells is disturbed, immunological factors become altered under bombardment by destructive mental discharges, which encourages deadly agents to take root and grow, causing the body to breakdown.

That is why it is imperative to usher in an era of a new awareness of responsibility so that, lucid and balanced, individuals may establish the paradigms for harmonious moral and mental conduct in order to acquire the priceless asset of health.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus exalts moral and emotional harmony as essential for salvation, that is, a state of complete health.

A unique psychotherapist, He proposes self-examination as a means for acquiring peace by loving God above all things and one’s neighbor as oneself.

A synthesis of unparalleled wisdom, love is the key to the illness-health enigma.

Later on, updating the Master’s thought, Allan Kardec established charity as the therapy for peace and the model for the correct application of love, defining it as “benevolence toward everyone, indulgence toward the imperfections of others and forgiveness for offenses.

Nowadays, various sciences are in agreement with this, especially transpersonal, transactional and creative psychologies, which propound self-discovery, release from mental and moral rubble, victory over the ego, and the coming to plenitude of the Self, the eternal spiritual I, in its unstoppable process of growth.

Open the pages of our spiritual books dear reader and feel empowered as we aim to build a bridge between the outstanding contributions of technical knowledge and the wise teachings of Jesus and Allan Kardec, narrowing the chasm between science per se and religion so that they may advance hand-in-hand, benefiting people and society in their search for a happy tomorrow.

Our Spiritist publisher is here to serve you, on your quest for knowledge and enlightenment.

Books are excellent acquisitions for the immortal soul in its journey towards self-awareness. Within you will find lessons and messages bearing encouragement, optimism, courage and hope. Our books will bring new vitality to all who want to attain the objective of having a happier life.

What’s on your nightstand? Find your title at our Spiritist Publisher.

Sources: The above text was a compilation from the following titles: The Spirits’ Book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, The Conscious Being, Life: Challenges and Solutions, Times of Health and Conscientiousness, Happy Life

Alvorada Printing Company

The Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora, known by the acronym LEAL, reaches homes and Spiritist Institutions in Brazil and abroad through Spiritist books psychographed by Divaldo Franco so that everyone may have access to the liberating message of Spiritism.


After the release of the first book Messe de Amor (Harvest of Love) by the spirit author Joanna de Angelis, psychographed by the medium and Spiritist speaker Divaldo Franco in May 1964, the Spiritist Center Caminho da Redenção (Path of Redemption), through LEAL Publisher, began the uplifting mission of publishing Spiritist books. Nowadays, it has a staff that excels in serving the customer.


Leal Publisher, a branch of LEAL, based in the United States is responsible for translating, publishing, marketing and distribution of its books, the magazine Presença Espírita (Spiritist Presence), audio, video, CD and DVD recordings, with copyrights ceded to the Path of Redemption Spiritist Center.

How it All Began by Divaldo Franco:

“In February of 1949, our benefactor, Joanna de Ângelis, told us that our task would be to get the message across through the spoken word. She wished to send letter to friendly hearts linked to her own down through history. However, the spoken word did not reach very many people at that time. So she requested that we gather all the messages received in a 15-year period for training purposes.


She proceed to select a few and requested that we discard the rest. The book Messe de Amor (Harvest of Love) published in 1964, feature her selection. On May 5, the book was presented at the Department of the Treasury, then located in Rio de Janeiro.


Ever since then, she has invited several Spirit friends to collaborate. Her messages are unpretentious, meant to bring solace to those who suffer and reveal the beauty of Spiritism to those greatly pressed for time.


As the spirit friends kept lending their assistance, we continued to psychograph during specific hours and under a very strict discipline imparted by the Mentor. To date, we have published upwards 2,000 books and over 8 million copies sold in 16 languages.


The copyrights were ceded, for the most part, to the Mansion of the Way – the philanthropic arm of The Path of Redemption Spiritist Center , with others granted to the Brazilian Spiritist Federation, O Clarim Publisher and Comunhão Espírita Cristã (Christian Spiritist Communion) in Curitiba. We have donated 35 books title to different organizations, including Amélia Rodrigues nursery school, in Santo André, São Paulo due to the remarkable assistance they provide.


Joanna de Ângelis states that a book is a silent friend, always waiting in the wings for those in need of enlightenment. And as the Spiritist Doctrine – thanks to Divine inspiration – became essential to the world on April 18, 1857, with the launching of The Spirits’ Book, we have a great and deep respect for books, including the most humble of messages. While they maybe extremely simple for those who know Spiritism, they can be key to humble people such as my mother, who was illiterate, and my father, who learned to sign his name in order to vote.